WORKNC 5 Axis MachiningWORKNC 5 Axis MachiningWORKNC 5 Axis MachiningWORKNC 5 Axis MachiningWORKNC 5 Axis Machining

PDFWORKNC 5 Axis Module

WORKNC brings the benefits of 5-Axis machining to all users by taking the complexity out of 5-Axis machining. WORKNC 5-Axis includes powerful, easy-to-use programming and integrated collision avoidance.

With WORKNC, 5-Axis programming is easy, safe and reliable allowing you to automatically generate 5-Axis toolpaths for the majority of your jobs.

Features at a glance:

  • Efficient toolpath generation
  • Easy toolpath preparation based on guide curveset, sections or surfaces.
  • Complete simulation
  • Specialized strategies for individual applications such as trimming, pocketing, blade and tube machining, impellers and laser cutting

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