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WORKNC direct translators are the perfect complement to using WORKNC with native CAD files from other CAD  systems. They reduce or eliminate data management issues between your customers and your shop.

Features at a glance

  • Read native CAD files from customers without buying multiple, expensive CAD systems
  • Eliminate translation issues or lost data with customers
  • Go directly from native CAD file to machining
  • Read native CAD files into WORKNC’s CAD module for making changes to the geometry which you may want for machining


When opening CAD data for machining, there are generally two different types of files you may receive; a neutral file format, or a native CAD system specific file. Examples of neutral file formats are IGES and STEP, which are common formats many CAD systems output. Native CAD specific files are the actual binary files saved directly by the CAD system, such as Dassault Catia® or Siemens NX®

WORKNC includes popular neutral file formats such as IGES, STEP and STL. For specific, native CAD files, WORKNC’s direct translators can be used to open those files. WORKNC’s direct translators have been continuously developed to provide an optimum level of performance and reliability when opening native CAD files. WORKNC direct translators are constantly updated to stay current on changes to the native file formats.

For data integrity, many manufacturers prefer to output native CAD files to their vendors, rather than neutral file formats. Utilizing WORKNC’s direct translators allows you to accept your customer’s native CAD files without asking them to output a neutral format. Save money by using direct translators, rather than incurring the additional expense of purchasing multiple brands of CAD systems just to receive customer data.

WORKNC direct translators provide the highest level of compatibility with your customers. They also eliminate translation issues you may encounter with varying neutral file formats.

WORKNC direct translators are available for all major native CAD files including: Dassault Catia® V4, Dassault Catia® V5, Dassault Catia® V6, Siemens NX®, Siemens Parasolid®, Dassault SolidWorks®, PTC’s ProEngineer®, PTC’s CADDS® and the JT File Format. Go directly from CAD native file to machining utilizing a WORKNC direct translator.