Technical Demos From Vero, ROMI, Sandvik Partnership

Live machining demonstrations will be the mainstay of a “Technical Day” at the ROMI France SAS premises in Saint Priest, in France, as part of a partnership between machine tool supplier ROMI, cutting tool specialists Sandvik Coromant, and the world’s number one CAM developer Vero Software.

Both milling and turning strategies are featuring on two ROMI CNC machines – a DCM620-5F machining centre, and a ROMI 350 GL lathe, using the latest Sandvik Coromant cutting tools.

The demonstrations at the Open House Technical Day on October 6 will show how Vero, ROMI and Sandvik work together to assist manufacturers in taking their businesses to the next level through easy to use advanced production technologies.

Milling Demonstrations:
A WORKNC program involving the software’s 3+2 positioning license and toolpath transition feature will drive the ROMI mill, using Sandvik cutting tools including the CoroMill® 390. Designed to more efficiently maximise machining strategies, the 3+2 toolpath incorporates 3-axis programs and additional axes created by locking a cutting tool into a titled position.

Specialised WORKNC cycles include, amongst others, plunge and spiral core roughing, 3D and ISO finishing. Also included in the flagship full license, is the ability to create multiple machine contexts and to utilise 3D stock models automatically updated and saved at various points throughout the programming process.

Turning Demonstrations:
The ROMI lathe will show a part being cut using EDGECAM’s game-changing Waveform turning and 4-axis remachining strategy, with Sandvik’s latest turning tools, including the CoroTurn® 300.

Vero Software’s innovative Waveform technology maintains a constant chip load for high speed machining. The tool moves in a smooth path to avoid sharp changes in direction. As Waveform maintains a constant engagement, the feed rate can remain at the optimal value throughout the cycle, dramatically improving tool life and greatly reducing the risk of tools breaking. Similar to other EDGECAM turning commands, the EDGECAM Waveform Turning cycle is sensitive to the stock condition, eliminating ‘fresh-air cuts.’

EDGECAM Turning provides functionality for a wide range of machine tools, including 2-Axis lathes, multi-turret configurations, sub-spindle turning centres and mill/turn machines.

ROMI FRANCE SAS : 240 rue Ferdinand Perrier, Parc de Génève, 69800 SAINT PRIEST


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