SMIRT ShapeMill

SMIRT is an integrated solution for the stamping-die industry that offers visualization, linear milling, drilling, planning and cost analysis capabilities. For detailed information on the complete SMIRT product range, please visit

For customers who want to utilize the advantages of SMIRT along with the efficiency-boosting 3D milling functionality of WORKNC, we created SMIRT ShapeMill, a solution that delivers automated preparation of machining data from within the SMIRT environment and launches WORKNC for tool-path computation.

ShapeMill provides a single access point to all necessary data within a user-friendly, shop-floor oriented SMIRT environment. When the main SMIRT design file is opened, ShapeMill ensures that vital WORKNC data remains connected to the SMIRT file.

Features at a glance:

  • User friendy for both machine operators and engineers
  • Automatic hole filling and surface extension
  • Best practice methodologies with “Milling Methods” (integrated SMIRT + WORKNC macros) for a push one button approach
  • No need for CAD preparation work
  • Integrated with the other SMIRT modules
  • The full power of WORKNC combined with the efficiency and integration of SMIRT