Tips - V23 Feature Recognition, Part 1

Q. What is new in V23 Feature Recognition, part 1?

A. V23 introduces associative tapping attributes on features.

  • V23 is installed with standard tapping tables. You can use these or create your own. Theses tapping tables can be automatically associated to a feature by diameter or can be manually associated to a feature.

  • Once the tapping attribute is associated to a feature, you can create your strategy to machine it. Drill and tap depths are automatically adjusted according to tapping table.

  • The feature/s can now be toolpath thru Manual Hole Machining or Manual-Auto Hole Machining. This feature does not apply to Automatic Hole Machining.
  • If you are using Catia for your design software and have already applied these attributes to your tapping features, WORKNC can automatically recover these attributes from Catia.

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