Tips - V23 Proximity Distance

Q. What is the new fourth tab for in V23 Machine Context?

A. This new tab allows you to set proximity distances between the toolpath and the machine and the toolpath and the clamping system. These proximity distances are than accounted for during Holder and Machine Collision checking.

  • The use of the new proximity distances will increase the calculation time of your Holder Collision check and the Machine Collision check. With these values all toolpath points have to be tested against all components of the machine or clamping system. Setting these values to zero will cause no proximity check to be performed.

  • To test for these proximities with Holder Collision Check you must change your Holder Collision settings to “Use Machining Context Surfaces + Clamps”. All forms of holder collision check are available with this function.

  • The use of the proximity distance is automatically accounted for during Machine Collision Check.
  • Any toolpath points that are found to be in collision, with the Machine Collision check, have to be manually edited. These points will not be automatically removed with Machine Collision check calculation.

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