Tips - V23 Tapered/Conical Cutters

Q. What toolpaths support the use of tapered/conical cutters in V23?

A. Many toolpaths have already supported the use of these cutter types. With V23 three more toolpaths will now support these as well.

  • V23 has added tapered/conical cutter support for On-curve Engraving, Combined Z-Level Finish + Optim. and Die Flats Finishing.
  • Also the use of conical cutters has been enhanced with the Global Rough/Rerough toolpath.
  • This brings the list of toolpaths that support tapered/conical cutters to:
    • Global Rough/Rerough
    • Flat Surface Rough/Rerough
    • Spiral Core Roughing
    • Z-Level Finishing
    • Planar Finishing
    • Between 2 Curves
    • Variable Step Finishing
    • 3D Drive Curve Finishing
    • Combined Z-Level Finish + Optim.
    • Continuous Finishing
    • 3D Finishing
    • Optimized Z-Level Finishing
    • Optimized Planar Finishing
    • Z-Level Remachining
    • Planar Remachining
    • Contour Remachining
    • 3D Contouring –Pencil Trace
    • Parallel Pencil Trace
    • 2D Drive Curve Finishing
    • Edge Finishing
    • Spiral/Radial Finishing
    • Along the Curve
    • Chamfering (conical only)
    • On-curve Engraving
    • Die Flats Roughing
    • Die Flats Finishing

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