Tips - V23 Workzone to V22 Workzone

Q. Can I open a V23 workzone in V22?

A. Yes, There is a conversion utility available.

  1. Click on the Windows start icon.
  2. Click on “All Programs”.
  3. Click on “WORKNC23”.
  4. Click on “Workzone Convertor V**”.
  5. A menu will be displayed. This is the V23 convertor utility.

  6. Click on the icon at the right side of the “Workzone” section. This will allow you to browse for the workzone you wish to convert.

  7. The “Information” section will display the workzone information as well as a preview picture of the workzone.

  8. The “Workzone Clone” section, if checked, will allow you to make a clone of the selected workzone. Otherwise the original workzone will be converted to V22 format. If you check the “Workzone Clone” option you must also specify the path to save the cloned workzone to, the path of the original workzone will be used as default and the original name of the workzone will be incremented. To rename the cloned workzone simply type a name after the path, once the path has been defined.

  9. Click on “Convert to Version 22” to convert the workzone.

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