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WORKNC 2D Package

Toolpaths included:

  • Global Roughing / Pocketing / Tangent to Curve / Curve Remachining / Feature Recognition Drilling / Chamfering / Facing / Die Flats Roughing / Die Flats Finishing / Wall Plunge Machining / Manual 2D

WORKNC 3 Axis Roughing

WORKNC Roughing strategies allow toolpath generation with reduced air cutting time, localized retracts, corner smoothing adapted for HSM and avoidance of ramping when not necessary.

Features at a glance

  • Efficient toolpath generation
  • Dynamic holder collision avoidance
  • One click Z plane control
  • Comprehensive range of stock model types

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WORKNC 2D & Hole Machining

WORKNC’s 2D & hole boring functions provide a complete solution to milling simpler, prismatic parts, or to program all of the holes designed in your parts. WORKNC’s 2D and hole boring functions can work on curve geometry, surface or solid geometry, and can program the holes whether they were designed in the CAD model or not.

  • Includes curve and surface milling functions
  • Completely automatic generation of drilling operations
  • Accounts for deep holes and intersecting holes
  • Includes full stock model Roughing

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Job Preparation

There is more to programming than just creating cutterpaths. WORKNC contains specialized CAM-oriented CAD functions that can be used prior to programming. Automation tools, such as sequences, can be created to streamline programming.  The less time you spend preparing your model for machining, the faster it can be machined.

Features at a glance

  • Automatic model preparation
  • Part analysis tools
  • Filling holes or other open areas
  • Curve creation

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WORKNC CAD Translators

WORKNC direct translators are the perfect complement to using WORKNC with native CAD files from other CAD systems. They reduce or eliminate data management issues between your customers and your shop.

Features at a glance

  • Read native CAD files from customers without buying multiple, expensive CAD systems
  • Eliminate translation issues or lost data with customers
  • Go directly from native CAD file to machining
  • Read native CAD files into WORKNC’s CAD module for making changes to the geometry which you may want for machining

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