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PDFMain Modules

Integrated CAD & Analysis functions

  • Standard translators : IGES, DXF, STL,
  • Direct translators: UGS®, Catia® V.4/V.5,V.6 Parasolid® ...
  • Mold Analysis Functions,
  • 3D surface modeling functions,
  • Advanced intelligent surface morphing for filling simple or complex cavities,
  • Automatic 2D Features recognition and cycle definition for drilling, counterboring, reaming, tapping...
  • Automatic mold and die core separation.

High performance CAM functions

  • Automatic geometry and machining zone detection and management,
  • Specific fluid and progressive toolpaths designed for High Speed Machining,
  • Full user stock definition (block, CAD, STL),
  • Dynamic 3 and 3+2 stock Management (Real time toolpath updated),
  • Complete tool and holder collision check with automatic stock update,
  • Powerful toolpath editor,
  • Virtual 3D machine representation and machining simulation (dynamic editing of points and vectors),
  • Powerful tool and holder library (holder components managed),
  • Automatic HTML workshop documentation,
  • User predefined machining sequences for automatic machining,
  • Machining from STL files and point clouds,
  • Batch mode calculations,
  • Comprehensive postprocessor generator (NURBS, cycles, circular interpolation...).

Powerful and optimized roughing toolpaths

  • Global Roughing and Re-roughing toolpath designed and optimized for HSM machining,
  • A range of specific toolpaths with trochoidal, spiral or plunging movement
  • Roughing strategies use the automatic Tool and Holder collision avoidance check with an automatic update of the stock,
  • Automatic calculation and machining of rest areas based on dynamic stock.

Powerful and optimized finishing toolpaths

  • A wide range of Finishing toolpaths optimized for HSM machining,
  • Z Level finishing, Planar finishing, Flat surface finishing, Contour finishing, Edge finishing,
  • 3D Display of rest-material areas,
  • Automatic 5 Axis conversion possible
  • Re-machining toolpaths enable automatic rest material machining with increasingly smaller tools.

Intelligent 2 and 2.5 Axis toolpaths

  • Range of 2 and 2½-axis strategies,
  • Pocketing, Contouring, Curve machining, Engraving, Rib machining, Facing, Drilling, tapping ...
  • Automatic Drilling Module,
  • Automatic features detection, Pre-defined drilling sequence selection, Automatically generated drilling operations, Deep hole and intersecting hole drilling management,
  • Customized Postprocessor.

Automatic & Simultaneous 5 Axis toolpaths

  • Automatic 3 to 5-axis toolpath conversion - Auto 5,
  • Wide range of Simultaneous 4 and 5 Axis toolpaths,
  • 5 Axis Rolling, Planar finishing, Spiral Blade, Impeller, Tube, Laser ...
  • Collisions detection and machine limits management