How to access your new and improved WORKNC Support

We're writing to let you know about upcoming changes to how you receive WORKNC Support.

With the forthcoming release of WORKNC V24, we are transitioning WORKNC Support to use an online ticketing system to allow better tracking of your support issues and communication with us.

To begin, a Vero Customer Portal login is required. If you do not have a login for the Vero Customer Portal (, contact your WORKNC account manager or and we will be happy to set one up for you.

After you log into the Vero Customer Portal, you can submit a technical support request by selecting "Technical Support Cases" on the landing page as shown below:

landing page 3.png

In the next screen, select "Create New Case" to begin submitting a case to the WORKNC Technical Support Team as shown below:

new case 3.png

While creating your case, there are several required fields. Please fill them out as accurately and completely as possible, including the Priority field as shown below:

create a case 3.png

Accurate input of the required fields is imperative to ensure that the WORKNC Support Team can address your case appropriately. Note: if there are attachments (screen captures, dialog box input, etc.) to go along with your case, these items are added after you click Save at the bottom of the screen. To finish creating your support case, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Once the case has been created, you will receive an email notification at your registered email address. Here is an example of an email notification you will receive once you submit a case via the Vero Customer Portal.

email notificaton2.png

Now, when you select "Technical Support Cases" in the Vero Customer Portal, the case you just created will be listed. When you select it, you will able to see the details of your case and correspond with the WORKNC Support Specialist, as well as upload any appropriate attachments for this case. Correspondence with the WORKNC Support Specialist is available after work has begun on the case.

open cases.png

To add an attachment or edit details of your case, select the case from the list of open cases. After you have opened your case, you can add attachments, edit your case or correspond with the support technician as shown below:

existing case 3.png

After a technician begins work on the case, and has left correspondence for you, an email notification will be sent keeping you up to date on the status of your case and allow you to respond as needed. When you want to reply, clarify, or have additional comments, you can use the above interface to "Add Comment" and communicate with the Support Technician.

When a case reaches resolution, the technician will close the case, and the case will be viewable in your list of "Closed Cases" in your "Technical Support Cases" list. This feature makes it possible for you to easily reference the solution should the issue arise again.

It is required that you open a new and separate case for each individual issue. This provision provides clarity assuring that each issue is addressed properly. If an issue strays from the original intent for the case, the technician will advise you to open a separate case.

Thank you for using WORKNC and we look forward to helping you via our NEW Support!